Character profile: Ria accidental orgasm Sakurai: "Angel Made sunrise"


Sakurai Ria (born 1989 07:19 - Akita County in Japan) is a model, actor, Japanese Idol movie (AV idol). Despite not having the fiery body, but you look like a group of beautiful and innocent and beautiful skin as white as snow, Sakurai or beard called "hot" in the film industry

The beard with innocent face, skin as white as snow

Sakurai Ria is very modest: 152cm your blood type is AB and measurement: 3 laps are: - 805682 of your hobbies: shopping, basketball and cooking beard was named for the possession of the sun angel beautiful face, beautiful and holy, make the skin white eggs, one of the actors in the in the village the most young Japanese movie.

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Since the emergence of the phenomenon of Sakurai Ria, a bomb in the film world really big contract, many, many companies are willing to do Sakurai Ria but until now you only four movies.

In addition to the film, the main work is Sakurai beard photography art, all films are closed, the 4 part because you block sensitive, although Japan is an oriental country custom, they banned the sensitive parts of the display screen when the finished film should be forced to have to do a section is sensitive to that part of the fuzzy this was interpreted as four. Sakurai beard in Japan's domestic film production program.

Until this moment really want Sakurai Ria Nghi 'p the development of the film should you decide to invest in a specialized in the export of foreign films, so you are born.
Since joining the entertainment company prestige, Sakurai Ria became the star of Japan in first. Even if only a guest, the beard beard is you find beautiful stars hidden will shine. The role in the movie the bearded man gets hotter, your performance is not the same, a female student.

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