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Character profile: Ria Sakurai: "Angel Made sunrise"

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Sakurai Ria (born 1989 07:19 - Akita County in Japan) is a model, actor, Japanese Idol movie (AV idol). Despite not having the fiery body, but you look like a group of beautiful and innocent and beautiful skin as white as snow, Sakurai or beard called "hot" in the film industry

The beard with innocent face, skin as white as snow
Sakurai Ria is very modest: 152cm your blood type is AB and measurement: 3 laps are: - 805682 of your hobbies: shopping, basketball and cooking beard was named for the possession of the sun angel beautiful face, beautiful and holy, make the skin white eggs, one of the actors in the in the village the most young Japanese movie.
Since the emergence of the phenomenon of Sakurai Ria, a bomb in the film world really big contract, many, many companies are willing to do Sakurai Ria but until now you only four movies.

In addition to the film, the main work is Sakurai beard photography art, all films are closed, the 4 part because you block sensitive,…

I met "Sana", the intelligent mask that cures insomnia

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Through visual and auditory stimulation it helps to reconcile a deep and relaxing sleep in less than ten minutes.

If you have problems sleeping, "Sana" could be a solution for you: it is a soft device, with characteristics similar to those of the mask, which would not only help to solve sleep disorders, but also to achieve a deeper rest in less time.jav

By means of lights and sounds, it monitors the individual's vital signs and guides the brain to a sequence that "derives from a natural dream" through visual and auditory stimulation . In addition, they are accompanied by a sensor that monitors the heart rate and adapts the stimulation to it.

Its creator, Richard Hanbury, said that this process generates a certain relaxation in the brain and encourages him to sleep . Although Sana is still in an experimental phase and is expected to go on sale by the middle of next year, it has been tested over the last 20 years in more than 700 people, who managed to reduce it …

Scientists from La Plata made a finding that could serve to fight against obesity

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It could also serve to fight against bulimia, anorexia, and binge eating

Researchers at the Multidisciplinary Institute of Cell Biology of La Plata (IMBICE, CONICET-UNLP-CICPBA) made a finding that could serve to fight against obesity and other eating disorders such as bulimia, anorexia, and binge eating.

They found that ghrelin, popularly known as the "hunger hormone" and discovered in 1999, not only enhances the urge to eat in stressful situations and the sensation of pleasure in eating, but also regulates the emptying of the stomach, accelerating digestion .

The work of the Platense researchers was published in the latest issue of the scientific journal Endocrinology.

"What we did in this research Japanese Porn was to describe the mechanisms by which ghrelin regulates gastric emptying, accelerating the digestion of food to generate the feeling of hunger again," explains Agustina Cabral, a postdoctoral fellow at IMBICE and one of the authors Of the publication, t…

Tobacco is a threat to development

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No commercial substance is so dangerous or has killed as many people as the cigar. It kills more than HIV / AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria together.

Every May 31, World No Tobacco Day is celebrated as a global campaign to expose the risks of smoking against personal and public health, as well as to advocate for local and global policies that reduce consumption.

This year, the slogan promoted by the World Health Organization (WHO) is: Tobacco, a threat to development, a slogan that seeks to demonstrate that "the tobacco industry compromises the sustainable development of all Jav Sex countries."

Tobacco consumption kills almost 6 million people every year worldwide and 16 thousand in Peru, but how did the ancestral consumption of a plant originating in the Andean zone of Peru and Ecuador could represent the greatest cause of mortality Preventable in the world?

Its ritual and medicinal intake by Native Americans (chewed, inhaled, or in other forms) was discovered by the conquer…